O2 Dental Group

Fayetteville, NC

Project was completed in February 2019.

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Dr. Olu Oyegunwa
O2 Dental Group

The guy that recommended Chambliss & Rabil to me has built many start-up dental offices all over the country. He was raving about C&R and kept saying that he wishes they could work on all his construction projects. I thought this was very high compliments from someone that has worked with contractors all over the country. I took him up on his recommendation and I was not disappointed!

I would highly encourage any dentist looking to undergo construction of a new dental practice to consider Chambliss & Rabil Construction Company. These guys make the construction process so easy. All you have to do is seat back and enjoy the show. They bring so much experience to the table, it doesn’t make any sense to consider anyone else. I challenge you to find a construction company in NC that has built as many dental offices as C&R.

I can’t say enough good things about our contractor Chris Dougherty. He is 120% committed to his clients. He makes you feel like your project is the most important project he’s working on. He was very responsive to our needs and requests. We have exchanged emails at 2am in the morning, Saturdays, Sundays. He’s always there for you!! He works extremely hard to make sure that your dental practice is everything you envisioned it to be.

These guys do not disappear after the project is completed either. They will show back up and fix up every little detail you are not happy with. They will even help you with the little things like hanging up decorations.

This is one of the best companies that I’ve had the pleasure of working with in any industry. Dentists in North Carolina are very lucky that we have this company at our disposal. Great job C&R, keep it up!!