Springs Village Dentistry

Holly Springs, NC

Project was completed in August 2016.

[testimonial_wrap animate=”animate_none”][testimonial client_name=”BEN MOORE & DIANA MOLTA-MOORE, DDS”]When we, my spouse and I, set out to build our very first dental practice at 4200 square feet, it was a daunting task to find someone who we could count on to fulfill our vision for the practice. There were many unknowns about what the dental construction process would entail, and we needed a contractor with experience, excellent organizational and communication skills, and a strong commitment to meeting our goals. Chris and Jeff, our contractors at Chambliss & Rabil met and exceeded all of our expectations for this project. They worked with us on our time to meet for design and budget planning, where the project was clearly laid out and ideas put forth were addressed. Weekly project updates with photos were given to us, keeping us on track throughout the entire project. Both of us were practicing full-time over one hour away throughout the construction process, and we were always informed immediately if questions or problems arose. Our project did end up finishing on time and the initial budget quoted was maintained accurately with C&R. C&R was there for us every step of the way, and it is with great pleasure that we, Springs Village Dentistry, highly recommend Chambliss & Rabil Contractors to those looking to build an outstanding team to orchestrate their project and entrust their confidence with only the best.[/testimonial][/testimonial_wrap]